Friday Funtime*

I have noticed a trend in my posts. They aren’t exactly the funniest/cheeriest posts. I never meant my blog to be a place where I go and vent. Sooooo, in order to combat that, I am going to try a new type of post. Every week I find assorted things that amuse me greatly. Sharing them with you, my delightful reader, will make me incredibly happy and (I hope) you as well. My goal is to try to do this every Friday, but you know how committed I am.

Just Because

Blog Posts that Made My Day

One of my tweeps, @lahikmajoe, came to the U.S. from Germany to visit Texas. His search for Texas Shaped Stuff resulted in some whimsical pictures featuring, well, Texas Shaped Stuff.

Interested in what the future will bring? @lucysfootball has a great post about it: Welcome to the Future.

I recently found @ibecamemydad through my twitter travels. His post about getting into the mind of a serial messy room offender brought back fond memories.

Finally, this post by @ProfMomEsq about her daughter turning five, Happy Fifth Birthday, made me deliriously happy and made me revisit my daughter’s growing up.

There are so many other fabulous posts that I read, but these really stuck out for me. If you have the time, you should click and read them. They are definitely worth it.

Movie I Want to See cuz… Well… Hawt Guys

This movie is totally not my style. I usually don’t like chick flicks, but, dooooood. This movie is going to be so pretty on the eyes. It doesn’t matter if it is bad. It will be a great chance to objectify men. Woot!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

*Okay. I know that is not an original title. Really, I do. I’m a lazy titler, what can I say?

7 thoughts on “Friday Funtime*

  1. Oh, thanks for mentioning me in your post. I had a lot of fun finding Texas Shaped Stuff.

    I might ‘borrow’ your idea here and do some ‘my favourite bloggers’ of the week. Nice to be included in yours.

    • It has actually been the most fun ever. Please, please borrow it!

      I may not say much, but I stalk you like a fiendishly crazy stalking type person.

      • Oh, how that pleases me.

        I’m glad you’ve made it to summer. My mom was a school teacher before she went to seminary, and I know you folk have it hard.

  2. This is a great post idea! (And not just because I happen to be in it, although that certainly doesn’t hurt!) I love the OCD meme. That made me giggle (and it’s true!). Thanks for the shout out. And so what if “Friday Funtime” isn’t “original.” It’s perfectly descriptive and something of which I definitely want more! 😉

    • When my hubby saw that meme, he cracked up. Thank goodness he has a good heart.

      I was so uplifted after this post. I am pretty sure that it will become a fixture in my blogging. There is so much out there that lightens the mood.

      Thanks so much for the comment. 🙂

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