Reasons for Tattoos

Today I am suffering a little bit from misanthropy. Maybe it is the fact that I am getting a little bit tired of having so many people around. Maybe I am just cranky. Who knows, but it is what it is.

Knowing this, I went to the grocery store at a time when I thought it would be less populated in order to pick up some corned beef. I was wrong. There were so many people there it was overwhelming. After being crushed, rushed, and cut off, I decided that there was not enough yumminess in corned beef to deal with it. I left empty handed.

On the way home, I texted my husband about my frustration and made an offhand comment about wanting another tattoo. His response was one of incredulity. “You mean, you want to get a tattoo because the people in Fry’s pissed you off?” It made me laugh– which helped to alleviate some of my frustration. Not enough to send me back in to the store to get corned beef, but still lifted my spirits.

Then I got to thinking about all of the reasons people have when they get a tattoo. Some do it out of boredom. Some out of a need for the rush from the pain. Others do it because they are highly intoxicated. This, of course, led me to introspection. I got my first tattoo to celebrate my anniversary and the great things that had come to my life. My second one was to remind me to keep faith and to try not to harm others with my behavior. Finally, my last one was a present to my hubby– the man who makes my life livable. I can tell the story behind each of my tattoos.

The story behind each one is essential. I just keep thinking, though, that it would be amusing to say to someone: “Well, I got it because I hated people that day.” It would be interesting to see the looks on their faces!

Life Interferes Again

Is blogging to yourself the same thing as talking to yourself? It makes me wonder sometimes. Anyway, I am back again. I know that all of my followers (ha ha) have missed me while I was gone. A little bit to catch up on what has been going on:

  • My darling daughter’s broken leg healed perfectly. She didn’t need any physical therapy or anything like that. Yay! I didn’t realize how expensive a broken leg is, though. We are still trying to get out of that hole. It is going well, though. 🙂
  • I never did finish Moby Dick. I decided that life was waaaaaay too short to read a book that bored me to tears.
  • I took a class about technology standards in education by the AZ Department of Education. It was lots of work but massive amounts of fun. Plus, I learned so much. I was complimented when the facilitator recommended me to facilitate one of the next waves of courses. Unfortunately, I was unable to apply for it. Too bad, though. It would have been fun!

    That is the catch up portion of today’s post. Now on to other things.

    Part of one of the classes that I am taking has to do with integrating blogging into my classroom. I think that it would be a really interesting thing to do, but I wonder if I would be able to keep up with it. I have to figure out a direction for this blog. I think that is one of the reasons why I have been deficient in posting.

    There are so many blogs that I have seen that I really, really like. I have discovered Neil Gaiman‘s blog and have thoroughly loved reading his words. Of course, I couldn’t read his blog without reading his lovely wife Amanda Palmer‘s blog. Who would have thought that one of my favorite living authors would marry one of my favorite punk cabaret musicians? Crazy awesome.

    The point is, every quality blog that I read seems to have a point to it. It’s not just a bunch random chattiness. So, my next goal is to find a focus. Ooh! Maybe my focus will be random chattiness. It might suit me perfectly.