I think my phone just called me fat

The other day, my little brother and I were having a fascinating conversation during my prep hour. He’s decided to change his major to something that he actually loves instead of something that he is good at but is bored with. I am so proud of him for making this choice. Because my prep hour was about to end, I was texting him to let him know.

My phone does a thing where it tries to predict the word that I will text next. It is very rarely accurate, but sometimes it is helpful. Trust me, this is an integral part of the story. I promise I am not just bragging about having a smart phone that is occasionally psychic.

So I text the sentence “I have to get back to …” My phone suggested my next word be “eating”.

Yeah. That’s correct. Eating.

I don’t think I’ve ever texted the phrase “to eating” in the entire time that I have had this phone. I think my phone was judging me. Seriously. There wasn’t even any food around me. I mean, I know that I could stand to lose some weight, but still. I think I need to trade this phone in for one that is less judgmental.

2 thoughts on “I think my phone just called me fat

  1. Smartphones are known to be quite rude. They have no appreciation of the finer details of human interaction. (I prefer to secretly believe they are actually sociopathic; but as they’re not aware of this they think they’re really awesome! It’s better if we don’t tell them..)

    • You would think that, if they were so smart, they would be more apt to understand human interaction. Well, now that I think of it, they are programmed by, well, programmers. Some of those don’t understand human interaction either. I guess it could be attributed to the apple/tree phenomenon. 🙂

      **No actual programmers were harmed in creating this reply. Please do not avenge yourselves by making my phone less smart.**

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