I think my phone just called me fat

The other day, my little brother and I were having a fascinating conversation during my prep hour. He’s decided to change his major to something that he actually loves instead of something that he is good at but is bored with. I am so proud of him for making this choice. Because my prep hour was about to end, I was texting him to let him know.

My phone does a thing where it tries to predict the word that I will text next. It is very rarely accurate, but sometimes it is helpful. Trust me, this is an integral part of the story. I promise I am not just bragging about having a smart phone that is occasionally psychic.

So I text the sentence “I have to get back to …” My phone suggested my next word be “eating”.

Yeah. That’s correct. Eating.

I don’t think I’ve ever texted the phrase “to eating” in the entire time that I have had this phone. I think my phone was judging me. Seriously. There wasn’t even any food around me. I mean, I know that I could stand to lose some weight, but still. I think I need to trade this phone in for one that is less judgmental.