Yes… a thousand times yes.

Contains swearing, but not by me.


Depressed people can be fucking infuriating. They don’t turn up when they said they would. They think the worst of you, of everyone, of themselves. They’re entrenched, often bitter, often afraid of perfectly normal things. They lash out. They can be provocative, spiky, defensive. They are flaky and they let you down and then get angry with you for it. They don’t do the things that might help them: they drink, they don’t exercise, they don’t eat any good food. They don’t take their medicine and they complain about it when they do. They can see nothing beyond their own suffering, they are selfish. All they seem to want is to bundle up in a room on their own and wallow in it, while outside it is sunny and might lift their spirits if they just got off their arse.

Depressed people are wankers, are a pain to be around…

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