Reason #127 Why I Teach

Today we were eating a special lunch to celebrate my daughter’s kindergarten promotion and a young lady approached me.

Young lady: Hey! Aren’t you Mrs. F.?

Me: Yes, I am.

Young Lady: You are my sister’s favorite teacher. She talks about you all the time.

The catch? I taught her in 6th grade. She will be a senior next year.

Who says teachers don’t make an impact? Crazy people, that’s who.

3 thoughts on “Reason #127 Why I Teach

  1. I really love the color scheme here, by the way.

    And for some reason it’s really really hard to “like” your post. I have to hit the like button three times before it’ll take. I hit it, it refreshes the screen. . . but doesn’t show the like. So I do it again. . . same thing. Then I do it a third time. . . voila! Screwy, I tell ya!

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