Dunkin’ Donuts Drama

Earlier this week I was sitting in Dunkin’ Donuts, drinking some tea, and trying to get caught up on my homework. It is usually a fairly serene place to pretend like I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. There are few things to distract me from surfing the internet… ummm… I mean answering discussion posts that aren’t really like discussions but more like people trying to prove that they are smarter than everyone else but that doesn’t make me bitter oh no it doesn’t.

This day was different. There was a young lady sitting in the corner working on her homework just like me. Okay, maybe not *just* like me. She didn’t have a computer and was actually using paper and highlighters. Crazy, right? She paused in her pursuit of learning and made a phone call. Here was her LOUD side of the conversation:

“So (insert name here) told me that you were looking for friends with benefits with her. Is that true?”


“Well, I didn’t think so. I told her that there is no way that you would do that. I told her that we were engaged and you would never do that to me.”


“Don’t get mad at me for asking! I just wanted to make sure. I figured that she was just confused with the old you. Why would I believe her?”

And more along those lines. You could tell that the person on the other end was getting more and more defensive. Finally, she finished the conversation. Then, when she was done, she made another phone call and was talking about how someone had a disease — not sure what it was exactly– and that she would be pissed off if she had it too. There are so many inferences I could have made from the conversation.

Thank goodness I had my back to her, because I would have embarrassed myself. I was uncomfortable but entirely too amused for polite company. I couldn’t help myself. I awkwardly chuckled. I couldn’t believe that she felt that Dunkin’ Donuts was the appropriate place for conversations like that.

It got me thinking, though, about the differences in generations. Very few people who share my age bracket would have done as she did. Most of us would take conversations like those and conduct them in privacy– or at least not loudly. My teenage students have no such compunction. They share entirely too much for my comfort. They share everything on their tumbly-thing, bookface, tweeters, and whatever else social media they use.

(Putting on my grumpy old lady pants) YOU SHOULD HAVE SOME SECRETS! Nobody should ever know that much about you. It’s like not buying the cow because you’re getting the milk for free. Or judging a book by its cover. Or some other cliche that fits better than the ones I came up with. It just isn’t right and it makes other people (me, at least) uncomfortable. (Taking off my grumpy old lady pants)

Or maybe I am wrong. Maybe having everything out there is better than keeping secrets. Maybe full disclosure will help solve the worlds ills.

What do you think?

Say What? Secrets and Guilty Pleasures

We all have things that we enjoy but are afraid that our friends will find out that we like them. There are also “secrets” that we keep– you know, the things that nobody believes about you, no matter how hard you try to convince them otherwise?

I’ve been thinking about these things for a while. While stalking my twitter-people, I saw a conversation (sorry I don’t remember who. If you were involved, let me know and I’ll add you) about being ashamed that he/she loved Avril Lavigne. It was said in jest– at least, I am hoping it was– but it triggered a thought in mah noggin. What do I love/do that I don’t really want people to know about? Then it expanded to the expectations that people have of me that I simply cannot comply with.

Then I thought of this…

Every one of us has some Michael Bolton in us. I thought I would share some of my eccentricities and dirty little secrets with you.

Music (Caution: Swears and Inappropriate, Irreverent Songs)

I am completely obsessed with songs with the word “fuck” in them, especially if the word is repeated multiple times. In the chorus. Over and over again. Yes. That’s right. When a song comes on dropping the f-bomb, I turn it up and sing it loudly (unless my daughter is in the car; if she is, I just skip it and pout a little).

I know, I know… I am a teacher and I should be above all of that. Well, tough tushies. I was a real-live person before I became a teacher. Some of my favorites in no particular order whatsoever:

  1. Lily Allen, “Fuck You”
  2. Cee-lo Green, “Fuck You”
  3. Beastie Boys, “Hey Fuck You”
  4. The High Speed Scene, “FUCKN’ Spend Money
  5. Methods of Mayhem, “Proposition Fuck You”
  6. Phunk Junkeez, “Thick Like Mornin’ Dick
  7. The Murmurs, “You Suck”

People see me as a mild-mannered reporter… oh, wait, that’s Clark Kent.

Nobody expects me to love swearing. Everyone seems to think that I’m innocent and unaware. I’m not. I usually save that side of me for people I trust.


I love new technology. Probably unnaturally so. The gadgets… oh, yes. The gadgets. When I see a new one, I pull a Homer Simpson and start drooling. I pride myself on being able to figure out how to work any electronic gadget. It may take me a while, but I get it eventually.

I can never, ever remember how to turn on the DVD player.

There are sooo many buttons and remotes and inputs. I’d rather keep the tv off than try to figure it all out. My hubby has shown me how multiple times but it just doesn’t stick. So, I wait for him to get home when I want to watch something. Thank goodness he’s patient.


Ancient Aliens. Finding Bigfoot. UFO Files. Ancient Discoveries. Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. UFO Hunters. Nostradamus Effect. Life after People. Monster Quest.

These are a few of my favorite things. I call them “pulp documentaries.” Even if I don’t believe everything that is presented, I find them incredibly entertaining.

Also, Ancient Aliens has Giorgio Tsoukalicious (or as I like to call him: Gorgeous Gorgio).



Your turn:

I’ve bared some of my secrets. How about you? Will you share some of yours with me? If you do, I will share more of mine.